“I am writing these books because I was a trial lawyer for more than thirty years and I wanted to share my experiences…”

- Alan Turk

A. Turk was a prominent Nashville attorney and veteran litigator of many courtroom battles. He garnered national media attention in 1994 when he won a unanimous US Supreme Court decision, which held that 2 Live Crew's parody “ Bald Headed Woman” of Roy Orbison's song "Pretty Woman" did not require a copyright license. With the support of NBC, HBO, Time Warner, Mad Magazine and others, A. Turk won this landmark case preserving the right of commercial parody under the Fair Use Doctrine. He retired from law and decided to write stories of courtroom dramas based upon his personal experiences. First Do No Harm is A. Turk's debut novel, where he introduces his protagonist, Benjamin Davis, a veteran trial lawyer practicing in Nashville, “ Music City”. The Benjamin Davis Book Series, currently consisting of five books, is an insider’s view of real-life legal issues, moral dilemmas, and life-altering stakes that challenge and confront lawyers and their clients pursuing justice in our modern legal system.

A. Turk has been married to his wife Lisa for 38 years and they have two adult children, Jessica and Ben, as well as two pugs.