Second Degree

2nd degree

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Second Degree, the next installment of the series, is a story about sex, drugs, addiction and country music. Inspired by true events, the tale is sexually graphic, along with the lines of “Fifty Shades of Gray”.

Nashville attorney Ben Davis, together with his faithful team are thrown into several difficult and sexually explicit cases, which they address head-on. Amy Pierce, one of Davis’s adversaries in First Do No Harm reappears, and the fates of other previously characters are revealed.

Garcia's Kissable Lips.

The story begins with Steine & Davis assisting its longtime client, Dr. Peter Nichols in his search for a plastic surgeon to join his practice. Donna Burns, Dr. Nichols’s office manager raises concerns about the candidate selected, but her warning is ignored. The antagonist, Dr. Charles Juan Batista Garcia, a young, handsome and privileged surgeon with a bright future, gives in to temptation, both sexual urges and greed, which leads to Garcia being pursued civilly and criminally for his wrongful, unethical and illegal conduct. Garcia is a real Casanova, and almost every woman gives into his charm.


Steine & Davis must first unravel the professional relationship between Dr. Nichols and Dr. Garcia, and then seek to revoke Dr. Garcia’s medical license. Dr. Garcia further complicates his life by abusing and wrongfully prescribing narcotics. Steine & Davis, because of their success against Dr. Garcia, are then asked, upon the request of a United States senator to assume the role of prosecutors. Second Degree provides the reader with a realistic insider’s view of the workings and flaws of them.