4th of July

4th of July

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Fireworks over the Nashville skyline.

In Fourth of July, instead of limiting the ongoing saga of Davis to a single legal case, the story focuses on the now familiar Davis’ “to-do-list”, from which the reader is plunged into the real-life daily grind of practicing law. Several storylines involving multiple cases and clients, their victories, their losses, and the interactions between Davis and opposing counsel, are intertwined to expose the reader to the personal struggle of Davis in his daily scramble to balance his burgeoning career as a successful trial lawyer with his personal life.

The central case in this saga begins with a missing mother of two, Rachel January, who is or was married to an attorney, Dan January. On the evening of July 4th, Rachel suddenly and mysteriously disappears. Did her lawyer/husband murder her, or did she fall victim to other foul play, or was she kidnapped, or did she simply run away from home? This mystery rocks the city of Nashville, and the firm of Steine, Davis & Davis is smack in the middle of the controversy.